Announcements March 3rd – March 9th


Week of March 3rd – March 9th


Did You Know?

Abstract art: the utilization of color, line, shape, and form to create a composition that exists separate from the visual references of the world. Instead of representing an accurate reality, it seeks to create an effect. It is a combination of the traditional and experimental. Abstract art can be loosely based on the real world, appearing as a very simplified landscape, or something entirely unrecognizable.

Abstract art is seen as raw expression, freedom from the confines of natural form, and dreamlike. Due to its lack of restraint, abstract art allows the painter to explore emotion, spirituality, chaos, and order. It let the artist explore and showcase philosophies, ideology, and spirituality.

A viewer of the abstract now has a new role. The viewer now is challenged to respond to the work before them. They are allowed to interpret the work according to their own emotions and ideologies; two viewers may see the same piece entirely differently. One may see it as energetic, revitalizing, and powerful, while another may view it as unbridled chaos, confusing, or fiery.

How you create and view the abstract is entirely up to you.

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• Our Spring Picnic: Art in the Park is March 20th. We will meet at Lowry Park from 9:00am to 2:00pm. We will be painting outside and enjoy a nice lunch at shelter 117. Tim will be grilling hamburgers, please bring a side dish and/or something to drink. There is a sign-up sheet on the resource table for side dishes and/or drinks, as well as a donation for Tim’s Burgers.


• Potluck is March 6th

• Abstract Painting with Sarah Hanson is back on Tuesdays. Class goes from 1:00-3:00pm in person and on Zoom. It is $10 for members and $12 for nonmembers. This class will focus on painting more freely and the development of an individual’s artistic process. With an abstract approach, we will examine the principles of art, grow painting skills and work to recognize and release artistic bias. Open to all skill levels.


• Drawing with Rick is Friday mornings on Zoom from 10:30 to noon. In this class you will be learning the different drawing methods and techniques to start a drawing and finish it. This class is for beginners and advanced students alike. Students will be given the same reference picture prior to class.


• Diamond Painting with Julie Buchanan is now on Fridays from 10-12. Join us weekly and enjoy this fun, creative art style. Kits are available for purchase.


• The Life Enrichment Center is looking for volunteers. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday afternoons, we are seeking out volunteers to work 2-hour shifts. Please speak to Sheila if you are interested.

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