Marty Kledzik

Vice Chair

Marty Kledzik has worked for 13 years in fiscal grant management at the University of South Florida. He also has 30 years of financial and operational experience in the airline catering industry. Marty has lived in Tampa since 1976. He is a Vietnam era veteran and loves spending time with his 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and loving wife of 57 years.

Marty has been an avid LEC student since he first attended a drawing class in 2003. He has always had a passion for drawing and painting, but he found oils and watercolors difficult to work with. It wasn’t until he attended a class at the LEC that he discovered his love for painting with acrylics, in which he achieved a new vibrancy of color in his art. He believes the LEC presents a great opportunity for local seniors to discover their passions, learn new skills and try new artistic mediums, and socialize in a creative environment.

Marty has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2020 and brings an invaluable point of view as a longtime LEC student. As a member of the board, he represents the voices of LEC students and offers an important perspective that enriches the board discussions and decisions. He also regularly helps with maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and facility.