Life Enrichment Center (LEC) Code of Conduct

The Life Enrichment Center believes that its students, guests and staff should uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior, and encourages all who are present here to:

  • be considerate of others, their property, the LEC building and its equipment, staff, students, and guests.
  • treat all persons with respect and courtesy.
  • ban the bringing of weapons and/or illegal drugs into the premises.
  • smoke only outside and away from the building.
  • dress appropriately.
  • provide appropriate care and supervision for individuals in need.

The LEC is committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment to our members, guests, and employees. To this end, we oppose:

  • Unwelcome remarks, gestures, or physical contact
  • Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments
  • Verbal or physical abuse or threats

Please note: Non-payment of courses for two months, unless authorized by the Board, may result in a suspension of membership.