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Announcements: March 10th – March 17th


Week of March 10th – March 17th

Did You Know?

You’ve heard it before: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

From the initial invention to present day, cameras have evolved from large, bulky pieces of equipment that had to be perfectly steady- to the sleek, motion capturing, high-definition machines we have today. From the well-known brands of Nikon and Canon to camera phones and the tiny GoPro, cameras have evolved to capture anything and everything. Now they can go underwater and into space, they can be still or in motion. Hobbyists and professionals alike will go out to capture life in motion, distant places, and the reality of things close to home. Photographs themselves are used universally for a wide range of things, such as aesthetics, evidence, studies, art, journalism, marketing, advertising, etc.
So why participate in it as a hobby? Well, where do we begin?

Photography is an art form and the skills you develop are both creative and technical. The photographer gains a variety of mental health benefits such as: reducing cortisol levels, boosts self-esteem and confidence, builds up the practice of mindfulness and focus, it forces you to move, to get out into the world, connects you to your community, and allows you to express yourself. Being a photographer pushes you to discover the beauty in the world around you, allows you to document the things you find important, and grants immortality to your subjects. You get to tell your story through the photos you share.

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Photo Club is going to Metals and Nature in Plant City on Saturday, March 16th. They will meet there at 10am.

• USF is hosting a 100 Women in Art at the Centre Gallery, in the Marshall Student Center. Our very own Patricia Korducovich has a piece entered. The exhibit runs from March 18th through the 28th

• Our Spring Picnic: Art in the Park is March 20th. We will meet at Lowry Park from 9:00am to 2:00pm. We will be painting outside and enjoy a nice lunch at shelter 117. Tim will be grilling hamburgers, please bring a side dish and/or something to drink. There is a sign-up sheet on the resource table for side dishes and/or drinks, as well as a donation for Tim’s Burgers.

• The LEC building will be closed on Wednesday March 20th for the picnic.

Drawing with Rick is Friday mornings on Zoom from 10:30 to noon. In this class you will be learning the different drawing methods and techniques to start a drawing and finish it. This class is for beginners and advanced students alike. Students will be given the same reference picture prior to class.

• The Life Enrichment Center is looking for volunteers. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday afternoons, we are seeking out volunteers to work 2-hour shifts. Please speak to Sheila if you are interested.

• On March 29th the following classes are cancelled: Chair Yoga and Drawing with Rick. Both classes will resume next week, Friday April 5th.

• On April 1st Painting with Rick is cancelled. Class will resume next week, Monday April 8th.

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