Bill Mathes

Board Member

Bill Mathes was born in North Carolina but has lived in Tampa, Florida, since 1954. He grew up in the Forest Hills area and attended the University of South Florida where he graduated with a degree in Geology. He then served in the Air Force for four years during the Vietnam era. When he returned, he worked 30 plus years at Jim Cody Inc., a leading Tampa-based food distributor.

Bill has always had an interest in art and even dabbled in painting during his time at USF, but it wasn’t until a neighbor invited him to the LEC that he was able to take his interest in oil and acrylic painting to the next level. Both Bill and his wife are avid students and supporters of the LEC. His favorite class is the oil & acrylic open studio while his wife enjoys mah-jongg and bridge sessions.

As an LEC student, Bill represents the voices of LEC students and brings an important perspective that enriches the board discussions and decision-making process. He hopes to help keep the LEC lively and strong, so other Tampa adults get the chance to fulfill their lifelong creative potential and enjoy the camaraderie the community has to offer.