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Announcements February 18th – February 25th         



Week of February 18th – February 25th         


Did You Know?

Colored Pencils are made of a cylindrical core of colored pigment in a protective casing of wood. They come by many names such as marking stick, map pencil, pencil crayon, colored/coloring lead. Three other types also exist: oil-based, water-soluble, and mechanical.

While wax based crayons used in the Greek and Roman eras, the first familiar looking colored pencils were invented in the 19th century and were used for “checking and marking” documents. In 1834 J. S. Staedtler invented the first oil pastel pencil and color selection was limited to Prussian Blue, Chrome Green, and Chrome Yellow. By the 1920’s Faber-Castell and Caran d’Ache began marketing colored pencils directly to artists. There is debate over who came up with the first watercolor pencil. A typical colored pencil is made of pigments, wax, additives, and binding agents.

Colored pencils are used with two primary techniques: layering and burnishing. Layering is a technique used towards the beginning of the drawing, layering your primary colors to get varying tones. Burnishing is done on layers of colorless blender or another light-colored pencil resulting in a shiny, blended surface of color.

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  • Drawing with Rick is Friday mornings on Zoom from 10:30 to noon. In this class you will be learning the different drawing methods and techniques to start a drawing and finish it. This class is for beginners and advanced students alike. Students will be given the same reference picture prior to class.


  • Beginning Conversational Spanish with Ricardo and Cathy is continuing through March 28th. Class is on Thursdays only going forward. We are so happy that you all are enjoying the class.


  • The Photo Club Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday February 21st at 1:30pm.


  • Abstract Painting with Sarah Hanson is back on Tuesdays. Class goes from 1:00-3:00pm in person and on Zoom. It is $10 for members and $12 for nonmembers. This class will focus on painting more freely and the development of an individual’s artistic process. With an abstract approach, we will examine the principles of art, grow painting skills and work to recognize and release artistic bias. Open to all skill levels.


  • Diamond Painting with Julie Buchanan is now on Fridays from 10-12. Join us weekly and enjoy this fun, creative art style. Kits are available for purchase.


  • We want to say thank you everyone who put their time and work into the Florida State Fair, we could not have done this without you. This year we had 51 pieces entered from 22 LEC artists. Congratulations and fantastic job to all who were recognized for their artistic skills. We want to give a big shout out to everyone who volunteered their time to give demonstrations and talk to fairgoers: thank you, we appreciate your effort in promoting the LEC.




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