Beginning Acrylic Painting

Beginning Acrylic Painting

In-Person Only

Instructor: Tim Gibbons

Time: Wednesdays, 9am-9:30am

Cost: Members $8 / Nonmembers $10

Are you new to painting with acrylics? Join artist and instructor Tim Gibbons to expand your acrylic painting skills and get started on your painting journey!  You can then continue practicing your new skills and stay for Tim’s Oil & Acrylic Open Studio from 9:30am-12pm

This class will lay the foundation for painting with acrylics and painting in general. Those just starting out will learn the unique properties of acrylics and the fundamentals behind color mixing, brushwork, application, and composition. Students can look forward to strengthening their painting skills, learning brushwork techniques, and exploring color relationships.

Artist and instructor Tim Gibbons will offer one-on-one instruction, creative guidance, constructive critiques, inspiration, and support to help artists make progress with their projects.

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