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Eric Valdes

The generosity of the Couch family has inspired me to be a better philanthropist and to volunteer, get involved, and give back to the local non-profits and other charitable causes. […]

Amanda Johns

I met TJ at MOSI when I was a teenager, and he was my boss. He created a safe place for me to be myself during a time of great […]

Betty Hagan

I have been a member of LEC approximately 16 years. I appreciate what T J Couch and his family have done for LEC all these many years!!!! THANK YOU T […]

Rebecca Hessinger

When I “inherited” the County’s Historic Preservation Challenge Grant program, I met T.J. for the first time. He is a very valuable and professional member of the County’s citizen review […]

Theodore Couch Sr.

Our entire family is proud of TJ for his willingness to unselfishly contribute his time, resources and talent to any endeavor that benefits community and people. As I recall his […]

Michelle Novacek

This is one of the nicest tributes that I’ve ever seen or read. I knew TJ was passionate about the LEC and am not at all surprised at the volume […]

Martin Kledzik

Very early on after I joined LEC a number of years ago, I heard the name T.J.Couch being used frequently. Apparently, he had a lot to do with the LEC […]

McEvoy Tribute

Every once in a while you have an opportunity to learn something, and become a better person because of it. For me, that opportunity happened when I joined the Board […]