Kathy Edwards


Kathy Edwards was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, to a family of artists. Both her mother and grandmother were painters. She is a graduate of Georgia State University. Most of her adult life, she worked as an outside sales person with very little time to paint. Her mother went to art camp with friends from Daytona every spring, and Kathy would go with her to spend time with her mother and practice her art. During this time, her mother’s wonderful friends taught her about the principles of watercolor. Kathy didn’t receive formal training, but through workshops and trial-and-error, she has become skilled at the art of watercolor.

Kathy has been a member of the LEC for many years before becoming an instructor. Her favorite part is working with the LEC’s wonderful students and making friends. Kathy teaches Beginning Watercolor, in which she introduces students to the basic techniques of painting with watercolor, including how to mix colors, control the water-to-pigment ratio, learn brush skills, and more. Currently, Kathy is enjoying retirement and savoring the time she has to paint and experiment.