Walls by Arleen Mariotti

by Arleen Mariotti

We’ve had lots of them:
Great China Wall, Hadrian’s Wall, Wall of Jericho
Walls barricaded
Walls said:
          Vamoose, Go away
Built to defend and fortify
They didn’t work

Then there was the Berlin Wall
Concrete and barbed wire
Guards and Checkpoint Charlie
It isolated and segregated
The wall roared:
          Stay out, steer clear
Hundreds were killed
It came tumbling D

Now we have gated communities
Do good fences make good neighbors?
Is this the new golden rule?
Walls enclose, exclude, restrict
Walls warn:
          Don’t look in! Keep out, We don’t want you here!
Regrettably, they’re only the illusion of security

Walls of stone, walls of steel, walls of electrified wire
Built from fear
Walls shout:
          Scram, Outta my face! Keep your distance
Nothing more than symbols of ignorance
Designed to divide and control

Worst of all – personal walls
Defense mechanisms to protect from pain
They scream:
          Leave me alone, Get the hell away
Build loneliness
Create a personal prison
But pain still prevails

I’ve had enough of walls



















by Arleen Mariotti
Mixed Media Collage

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