To My Love by M. V. (Ginny) Hill and Mary Frances

To My Love
by M. V. (Ginny) Hill

Wake gently my dear one. It’s a brand new day.
We’ll have time for work and time for play.

The sun will come up and the birds will sing,
Today is the day I will make you my king.

Look all around you. There is so much to see.
But as you wander stay near me.

We’ll go to the park and stroll on the walk.
With our friends we will play and talk.

Build a grand castle, ride a cock horse.
Treats there will be for you, of course.

Look in the garden for lizards and such,
Precious boy, you are loved so much.

At bath time with your royal yacht
You’ll sail through the billows – bubbles a lot!

When day is ending we’ll read a book.
I’ll cover you with kisses then tuck you in your cozy nook.
















by Mary Frances

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Life Enrichment Center writers and artists have published “Poetic Artistry”… a collection of poetry and art! Check back often as we will post a new poem and its corresponding piece of art every day or so throughout April and the beginning of May. Or purchase a copy of the book here!


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