The Morning Show by Linda Sullivan and Emily McNiel

The Morning Show
by Linda Sullivan

The sun gives off a golden glow.
I rise and watch “The Morning Show.”
The sky’s a canvas, pink and gray–
The perfect scenery for a play.
I scatter nuts and seeds. Repeat.
Then step inside and take my seat
Near eight square panes of window glass.
I cannot let this drama pass.
With joyous thoughts, I sigh and stare
As Nature’s actors gather there.
Brown birds, redbirds, gold and blue,
Each plays its role without a cue.
They hop and flit and bob and peck
While traveling ‘round the cedar deck.
The jays steal nuts, then soar away
As doves and finches lunge in play.
The bushy tails race in and out.
“Encore! Encore!” I long to shout.
I bow my head in thankfulness
That God has chosen me to bless.
I look to Heaven; say “Amen.”
The stage lies empty once again.
But I am filled with perfect peace,
Amazement, love, and calm release.
And in my heart, where e’re I go,
I’ll rise and watch “The Morning Show.”
















The Morning Show
by Emily McNiel
Pen and Ink with Watercolor

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