Tai Chi

Tai Chi

In Person Only

Location: FHUMC Classroom A/1

Instructor: Dr. Marianne Chen

Time: Tuesdays, 10am-11am

Cost: Members $6 / Nonmembers $8

Need to recharge your body and mind? Join Dr. Marianne Chen’s weekly Yang Style Tai Chi class to enjoy gentle, non-strenuous exercise that helps improve balance, muscle strength, stamina, and bone density. It also reduces blood pressure, stress, and joint pain.

Tai Chi is low impact and gentle, putting minimal stress on muscles and joints. It is self-paced and suitable for all ages to learn and practice. Yang Style is the most popular form of Tai Chi practiced today. It is characterized by gentle, circular, and open movements in a slow, flowing form. Yang Style allows people of all ages and fitness levels to safely exercise and improve their health.

Characterized by slow, rhythmic movements and deep breathing, Tai Chi is often called “moving meditation.” The movements are fluid, circular, and slow. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring the body is in constant motion. Tai Chi aims to achieve harmony between the body and mind with postures that are equally balanced between yin and yang.

Tai Chi is so well-loved because it helps individuals remain present in the moment and recharge their mind and body. The slow, graceful movements help people step back from their fast-paced life to find inner quiet and serenity. It loosens the mind and body from the tensions of stress, so you can fully relax in the moment.

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