Six-Week Memoir Writing

Memoir Writing

In Person and On Zoom

Instructor: Arleen Mariotti

Time: Wednesday at 1pm-3pm from July 13th—August 17th

Fee: Members $7 / Nonmembers $10

Have you ever met someone at the Life Enrichment Center who wasn’t brimming with great stories? Every life holds many stories—and yours is worth sharing!

Whether your life has been wildly unconventional or relatively normal, you hold a fascinating story that is worth recording on paper. Contemporary memoir has become such a popular phenomenon because it is so accessible to the everyday person. If you have lived a life, then you can write a memoir.

Memoir is a fascinating genre that satisfies the human desire to be known and to know others.  Your memories, life experiences, the places you have been, and the people you have met along the way will entertain and inspire others. They are valuable and worth taking a closer look at under a narrative microscope.

At times, memories can be as fragmented as puzzle pieces. How can you fit the pieces together to create a clear picture? Six-Week Memoir Writing will help you turn your experiences and memories into a vivid story. Students will learn the art of memoir writing and the basics of nonfiction, discover how to develop life experiences into memorable stories, develop and strengthen their unique writing voice, and find a creative structure that fits their narrative.

Students will be able to brainstorm, write, read, share, and revise their stories with a skilled teacher in a supportive, encouraging setting. This course will suit writers of all levels—from those who have yet to pick up a pen to those who have already written stories. Maybe you just want to write a record of a life well lived to hand down to your children and grandchildren. Perhaps you would like to publish your stories. This course will help get you started.

Do you want to create a memorable story from your life experiences?

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