In-Person Only

Instructor: Janice Schindle

Time: Thursdays, 1pm-3pm

Cost: Members $8 / Nonmembers $10

Join instructor Janice Schindle and explore a variety of approaches to the beautiful medium of pastels. Gain a deeper understanding of the medium and develop your personal style with pastels.

This class will introduce students to the most essential information about working with pastels and the basic techniques needed to draw and paint with the pastels. Students can expect a broad introduction to the world of pastels, including its most fundamental concepts, styles, and techniques. Weekly demonstrations of techniques as well as individual guidance and instruction can be expected. Artists of all levels are welcome!

Drawing and painting with pastels, much like acrylic or oil paint, can be used to build up layers of color to create expressive works of art. Pastel is a unique medium that straddles the line between painting and drawing. A finished pastel piece often looks as luminous as a painting, but the process to create it resembles drawing more than painting. Students will experiment with pastels and learn different ways to smudge, layer, blend, shade, and highlight to create stunning art.

Topics covered in class could include: the fundamentals of pastel, drawing with pastel, pastel strokes and pressure, common techniques, blending, shading, balancing blended marks with unblended marks, light and shadow, and more. Along with improving drawing skills, students can also expect an emphasis on organizing the elements that make for a good composition.

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