Painting with Rick Austin

Painting Class

Zoom Only

Instructor: Rick Austin

Time: Mondays 1pm-3pm

Cost: Members $10 / Nonmembers $12

In this online course, artist Rick Austin will help students explore different painting methods and introduce various techniques needed to complete a painting from beginning to end. This weekly Zoom class is perfect for anyone who wants to discover new techniques, refine their painting skills, and learn how to complete a painting from start to finish.

Students will work from the same resource, which will be sent before class, and all painting mediums are welcome! Subjects will vary week-to-week but may include various landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, classic works of art, and more. This class is great for both beginner and advanced students who want to continue developing their skills as a painter.

At the start of each class, Rick will give a short demonstration. He will discuss paints, surfaces, brushes, mediums, and drawing with the brush. He will help students design interesting compositions with a focus on artistic principles, such as rhythm, movement, focal points, balance, form, space, contrast, and more.

Students will also get to study and practice the effects of lost and found edges, or hard and soft edges, to create depth and to direct the viewer’s focus. He will guide students through the complete painting process and help them create beautiful, interesting paintings. If you would like to view Rick Austin’s art, visit his website here.

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