Normalcy by Kathy Arnold and Joyce Kassanonkwas Sundheim

by Kathy Arnold

How strange it feels up here upon this wall
with all these rounds and circles

If words be told, I do not think this is the place for us
for you droop and I drip and we are not round at all

This is not a lasting place for us, a residence
with others forever pointing at our unkempt circlets

How strange it feels up here upon this wall
among these bodies of normal circularity

How are you and I to exist, for you droop
and I drip and we are not the same at all

I struggled with the indecision of our resting place
with eyes focused outward I was determined for us to leave

But now, with a glance beyond my own purpose of being
I am startled
for more are like us than are not

Why did I not notice this before that less
are rounds and much more are droops and drips

My gaze at first was clouded, so ignorant was I
of all that we were not and should be

I was so engrossed in your drooping
and my dripping and our lack of rotundity

That I believed rounds were normal
and droops and drips were just you and me

My eyes were so closed to the realities beyond my beliefs
that I did not see the drooping and drippings of life that were just like us

Happy and rewarded am I to see
that so many of us are really made up of the droops and drips of life
















by Joyce Kassanonkwas Sundheim

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