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LEC Members

In the next few days we will be switching over to a new class sign up system. This is phase one of a three phase plan to enhance and digitally transform the LEC.

For currently active LEC students who are paid members, in the coming days you will see a series of emails. Every member will need to fill in the membership form in order for your new online account to be created.

You will receive an email from the LEC with a link to a form that will help create your profile/account.

You will need this account info to sign up for classes at the member discount rate. The account over time will also unlock other member benefits as we move forward with our digital transformation.

There is a possibility over the course of the last year your email was added to our system, in order for the new system to work correctly, I will be deleting that account. You will receive an email from the website noting this. Please do not be alarmed if you recieve an email to this nature. We are merely preparing you for the new account creation.

Once you create your new account, you are ready to start using the new class sign up process.

On March 1st the old system will go off line and will be replaced by the new system.

For those who are not active paid members, you can create your account now by going to become a member and your new account will be created.

If you are not a member or are choosing to not have a membership at the LEC, don’t worry, you will still be able to register for classes using the new sign up system but at the class full price.

If you have any questions please contact me or Marty Kledzik.

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