Murphy Tribute

As a Leader:

  • He is not interested in pushing an agenda, or his own interests, and will not give advice unless asked- except when it’s necessary.  
  • He is extremely intelligent, and knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics, 
  • He is curious about everything.
  • He is observant. 
  • He seeks potential, and inspires talent to reach Its fullest potential.
  • He is genuinely interested in helping people.
  • It is funny you can see him early in the day full of dust, mud or muck depending on what crazy project he is working on… and then in a suit and bow tie- or formal tux…and be just as comfortable and enjoy them equally.
  • Equally dedicated and demanding of himself to do his best no matter what the project, endeavor, or status of his position in everything he is involved in.
  • He never forgets anything.

When things go wrong:

  • T.J. is there- he shows up.
  • He quickly surveys the problem, and finds a solution. 
  • No cape, or praise required, he just fixes the issue behind the scenes.
  • He takes it all in stride with grace.   
  • He finds not just a temporary band aid but a permanent fix.
  • He really is interested in helping make the world a better place.  
  • T.J.  looks at the whole and considers all possibilities before making recommendations.
  •   And, he never forgets anything.  

At the LEC:

  • T.J. has responded to every emergency.
  • He has helped fix leaks, repaired our roof, cut down trees, pulled down trees, trimmed trees, helped with landscaping, helped deal with a leaking  water heater, filmed a commercial, filmed interviews with members, appeared on with me on Culture Vultures, helped secure funding from individuals, the county, and his own charity for the LEC.
  • He’s given sound and wise advice at board meetings.
  • He has matched funds at the Hamburger Mary’s Fundraiser.
  • He has introduced people to the LEC.
  • He has lobbied for funding at the county level and at the level of his family foundation.
  • He got our sculpture donated, filmed the event, worked with Andrew on the special effects, and interviewed students on four different days and then edited the video about it.
  • As the board Treasurer he created monthly financial reports.
  • As the board president he ran meetings efficiently, fairly and effectively.
  • He has donated consistently out of his own pocket.
  • Does not demand attention or accolades but deserves it.  
  •   And, he never forgets anything.  

As a friend:

  • T.J. is loyal, constant and will give excellent advice when asked.
  • He cleans up the Hillsborough river pulling trash out of the water, understanding the impact on the environment.
  • He shows up at birthdays, art openings, events.
  • Rarely asks for help or participation, but when he does, his friends are there.
  • He has a great sense of humor. 
  • Is a great friend.
  • He knows how to work every power tool, and machine.
  • And, he never forgets anything.
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