Meditative Doodling

Sarah Hanson

Online/Zoom Only

Instructor: Sarah Hanson

Time: Wednesdays 10am—12pm EST

Cost: Members $12 / Nonmembers $14

Let your pen flow and your mind relax!

Join instructor Sarah Hanson of Hanson Art & Design in an intuitive drawing practice that combines guided meditation, mindfulness, and drawing to relax the mind and let creativity flow freely. It is a spontaneous and organic drawing exercise that truly helps calm the mind and ground us in the present moment.

Meditative doodling is an easy, fun, and relaxing creative practice. Students will create interesting images, patterns, and structures without the restraint of rules or expectations. It helps students increase their awareness, accept thoughts and feelings without judgment, and freely explore their creativity.

In this online course, students will further develop their concentration, artistic confidence, self-compassion, and imagination. Sarah Hanson begins each class with a guided mediation and a stream-of-consciousness doodle. The drawing in the second half of the class is inspired by a theme.

After a demonstration on how to draw a few patterns, the class will use spontaneous mark-making and line-work to create a structure that will house their repeating patterns. In this class, students can let go of any expectations associated with making art. Instead, they will access a state of calm and self-acceptance to be open to the unpredictable.

Students will learn the basics of several creative techniques, enjoy relaxing meditation, and find new methods of art making. Through repetitive patterns and deliberate pen strokes, students will create a unique piece of abstract art and achieve a relaxed state of mind.

*Materials needed: multiple sheets of drawing paper and any pens, pencils, or markers. All media appropriate for paper is acceptable and encouraged.

When the mind is relaxed, it is the most creative! What will you create?

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