McEvoy Tribute

Every once in a while you have an opportunity to learn something, and become a better person because of it. For me, that opportunity happened when I joined the Board of the Life Enrichment Center and got to know T.J. Couch. T.J. was my role model for serving on a non-profit board, and I learned more from him than I ever thought possible. T.J. never said anything directly about how to serve the organization; he simply taught by example. For T.J., there was no task too small, or too large, only tasks that needed to be done. When the parking lot needed to be graded, T.J. showed up on his tractor. When the building needed to be painted, a fallen tree needed to be removed, the roof needed to be repaired, T.J. showed up in shorts and tee shirt and organized the work crews. When the Center needed the backing of our community’s political and philanthropic leaders, T.J. showed up in a suit and promoted the critical mission of the Life Enrichment Center.  When the Center faced conflict or difficulty, T.J. led with a quiet, calm, and thoughtful presence. The Life Enrichment Center would not exist today without the leadership and support of T.J. Couch and his family. I have learned the real meaning of “service” from T.J., and I will be forever grateful to my incredible mentor. Thank you, T.J.

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