Letter From The Chair

LEC Members, Students, Instructors and Board Members,

I want to personally thank every member, student, volunteer, employee, donor and board member for your dedication and patience through the last 2 years. Without all of your support we would not have a Life Enrichment Center.

I know there has been many changes over the last few months at the LEC. With all change, there can be trepidation and uncertainty. But through each passing day these changes have been done to breath new life into the center. You may see the smiling face of Arleen Mariotti, Christian Howard, or another volunteer greeting you when you enter the center. You may notice the up beat nature of fellow students and instructors. You might have even noticed that we have added at least 7 new classes to the class offering in the last 45 days. But I also know, you may have a lot of questions with all the changes that have occurred.

Covid19 has been a challenging time. But the LEC has stood strong and steadfast to it’s mission. In February, The Board of Directors looked at the current work load of our executive director and acknowledged that she needed help. The pandemic had put many extra tasks into her day-to-day activities, so we decided to bring on a consultant to help takeoff some of the work load. Maureen resigned on March 1st, putting our newly hired consultant into a challenging situation. Over the course of the next few months we realized that a restructuring of how the LEC operates needed to be evaluated and addressed.

The Board of Directors have now took ownership of the day-to-day operations and have presented the current solution.

Arleen Mariotti (Secretary) is volunteering as the LEC’s manager. Christian Howard (Consultant) is currently working as zoom coordinator and office facilitator. Michael Marselli ( Treasurer) is handing all things financial. Mercy Natal (Consultant) is our bookkeeper. Marty Kledzik ( Vice Chairman) along with Arleen is managing grant submission. Barbara Kohler (Board Member) and Sheila Holbrook are in charge of organizing the volunteer staff.  Lindsey Cameron and I (Chairman) are handling the marketing and operations.

This current group of people are the temporary solution to our long term plan. However, with the help of each person listed and our volunteers, we have become a more fluid and vibrant LEC.

So what does the future hold?

We are expanding our classes and our outreach events.

We are inviting more instructors that can bring a new experiences to each student, while providing more support to our current instructors.

We are building on the LEC community with more social engagement.

We are improving the building with some TLC and elbow grease.

We are building a platform to showcase your artwork, writing or any other craft to the community.

We are using technology to lessen the future workload of volunteers and staff.

We are building on the financial future of the LEC

Most importantly we are improving the experience the LEC provides it’s students and members.

How can you help?

We need volunteers to keep LEC moving forward. Please let Barbara, Sheila, or another one of the people mentioned above know you like to volunteer. Remember, many hands make light work.

Bring a friend to class. Show your friends and family the amazing classes and culture the LEC provides.

Donate or ask others to donate.

Share our content on Social Media.

Finally provide suggestions. My door is always open.

Going forward a digital newsletter will be sent out about classes, news, birthdays, gratitude, and helpful tips. This is designed to keep you in the loop at the LEC. If you have gotten my letter today, then you are already on our list. If you know someone who would like to get this, share it!

Last but not least, Jim Kallaher has stepped down as Board Chair. I want to thank him for his many years of service as Chair to the organization. His leadership and insight has helped guide us all through a very difficult time and into a prosperous future. Jim will remain on the board as a board member.

Again, I like to thank every one for your dedication to the organization.

Stephen Powell
Board Chairman of the LEC
[email protected]

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