Fun with Watercolor


In Person Only

Instructor: Kathy Edwards

Time: 2 Thursdays per month, 10am-12pm

Meeting Dates: April 6 & 20; May 4 & 18

Cost: Members $8 / Nonmembers $10

Fun with Watercolor is a fun, hands-on class to a unique and beautiful medium. Join watercolorist Kathy Edwards in learning the techniques, styles, and tricks of watercolor!

Students will get the chance to explore the medium and practice each week. They will learn how to mix colors, how to handle their brush, how to control the water-to-pigment ratio, basic shapes and strokes, and various brush techniques.

Students will be able to apply teachings and experiment with exercises for each concept. They will explore the effects they can achieve with different brushes, strokes, and water-to-pigment ratios. Students will explore and practice basic watercolor techniques, such as working wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry (layering), and dry brush, and learn the effects of each.

With each exercise, students will learn more about composition, color theory, form, values, and so on. Students will learn new watercolor skills, explore artistic concepts, share ideas, and gain confidence with watercolor.

This class is designed to be an enjoyable and fun exploration of watercolor painting. Artists of all levels are welcome!

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