Diamond Dot Club

Diamond Dot Club with Julie Buchanan



Free for members/$5 nonmembers

In person only

We will have kits available for purchase or you may bring your own.



About the Class:


Diamond Painting has really taken off in the last couple of years.

“Diamond painting (also known as crystal art) is the process of applying tiny resin rhinestones (known as “diamonds”) to a pre-printed design, usually an adhesive board to create sparkling, vibrant and uplifting pieces of mosaic-style art.”

With hundreds if not thousands of kits available you can create anything from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to a custom piece made from your own photography. Many come already in a frame, allowing Diamond Artists to hang their work immediately.

It has proven to be therapeutic, promoting mindfulness. It’s a calm activity that allows the artist to relax and go at their own pace. Diamond art is fun to do either as a solo activity or with family and friends.

To read more and check out a kit for yourself:



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