Sarah Hanson

Meditative Doodling with Sarah Hanson On Zoom


Meditative Doodling is a drawing practice that develops focus, concentration, self-compassion and imagination. When your mind is relaxed, it’s the most creative.

In every class we focus to settle the body, calm the mind and let creativity flow through guided meditation and drawing.

Each class begins with a guided meditation and stream of conscience doodle.

The second half of class is for further drawing exploration inspired by a theme.

You will need:

Drawing paper, pencil, pens, markers, etc.

All media appropriate for paper will be encouraged.

Research has shown the power of meditation and the science behind it. One of the reasons it is so powerful is that it fosters acceptance.
Creating art is a type of meditation, an active training of the mind that increase awareness and emphasizes acceptance of feelings and thoughts without judgment and relaxation of body and mind.
About Hanson Art and Design…
Art, Supplies and More!
Hanson Art and Design specializes in colorful, abstract landscape paintings that enhance any private collection or public space.  In addition to fine art paintings and prints, Sarah and her husband operate a mobile art store.  As art material suppliers and educators, they provide artists and creative enthusiasts with the art making materials they need to create with as well as bespoke art making activities.  Their Mission is to contribute to the vibrancy of the arts community and expressive growth of creative people everywhere.