Sarah Hanson

Beginning Abstract Painting with Sarah Hanson via Zoom

TUESDAY 2:00 PM TO 4:00 PM

Beginning Abstract Painting class will focus on painting more freely and the development of individuals artistic process. With an abstract approach, we will examine the principles of art, grow painting skills and work to recognize and release artistic bias. Open to all skill levels.

You will need:

  • Canvas or Canvas paper or Canvas Boards no smaller than 9×12”
  • Acrylic Paints Recommended  Colors: RED- Napthol or Pyrrol, YELLOW- Azo or Hansa, BLUE- Anthraquinone or Manganese, BROWN- Burnt Umber, Black and White
    Paint palette
  • Palette knife
    Paint Brushes- broad range of sizes, at least 4 different sizes
  • Acrylic Mediums and or Flotrol for Flow
  • Paint palette for color mixing- plastic, glass, wax paper,  palette paper, or plastic tray
About Hanson Art and Design…Art, Supplies and More!  Hanson Art and Design specializes in colorful, abstract landscape paintings that enhance any private collection or public space.  In addition to fine art paintings and prints, Sarah and her husband operate a mobile art store.  As art material suppliers and educators, they provide artists and creative enthusiasts with the art making materials they need to create with as well as bespoke art making activities.  Their Mission is to contribute to the vibrancy of the arts community and expressive growth of creative people everywhere.