Chinese Brush Painting 2

Chinese Brush Painting

In Person Only

Instructor: Renee Vickery

Time: Fridays, 10am-12pm

Cost: Member $8 / Nonmember $10

Take your Chinese brush painting skills to a deeper level and join instructor Renee Vickery in continuing to learn its beautiful brushworks and stylings!

What is Chinese Brush Painting?

Chinese brush painting is an ancient Chinese art similar in style and technique to calligraphy. It is typically done with a brush dipped in black ink or other water-based pigments. As a result, paintings can be monochrome, colored, or mostly monochrome with eye-catching pops of color. In addition, the paintings were traditionally painted on rice paper or silk.

The expressive brushstroke style is known for capturing the inner spirit or essence of a subject as opposed to a highly realistic rendering. However, that’s not to say the painting style isn’t capable of capturing refined, delicate details. Chinese brush paintings traditionally depicted landscapes, animals, flowers, trees, and other scenes from nature.

Chinese Brush Painting 2

In the second part of this class, students with continue learning the brushstrokes and traditional techniques of Chinese brush painting. Students will continue experimenting with brushstrokes and varying degrees of pressure, speed, and inks washes to create an array of different effects. Each week, students will get the chance to explore and paint new subject matters that are traditional to Chinese brush painting,

Students can still expect demonstrations, instruction, and guidance as they are introduced to new concepts, styles, and techniques. Artists of all levels are welcome!

Experience the ancient art of brush-and-ink painting for yourself!

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