Beginning Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

In Person and Zoom

Instructor: Sarah Hanson

Time: Tuesdays 2pm-4pm EST

Cost: Members $12 / Nonmembers $14

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at abstract painting?

Beginning Abstract Painting with instructor Sarah Hanson of Hanson Art & Design is great for anyone who wants to explore abstract painting, continue developing their style as a painter, expand their repertoire of artistic skills, step out of their comfort zone and take creative risks, or recharge their creativity with intuitive painting. All skills levels are welcome!

In this class, students will develop an understanding about how to create an abstract work of art by painting more freely and intuitively. Students will explore a variety of mark-making techniques and ways of applying paint. They will develop their painting skills with an emphasis on finding what works for them as an artist. The class will also examine the principals of art with an abstract perspective, explore a variety of historical abstract artworks and artists, and learn concepts of non-representational art.

During the class, instructor Sarah Hanson will demonstrate drawing and painting intuitively. She will guide students through this creative process and help them create an abstract composition. Students will be encouraged to work quickly and intuitively without questioning their marks as a means to experience discovery and spontaneity in their art!

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Materials needed:

  • Canvas, canvas paper, or canvas boards no smaller than 9 x 12”
  • Paint Brushes—a broad range of sizes. Select at least 4 different sizes
  • Palette knife
  • Paint palette for color mixing—plastic, glass, or wax paper, palette paper, or plastic tray
  • Acrylic Mediums and/or Flotrol for Flow
  • Acrylic Paints

Recommended Colors:

Red: Napthol or Pyrrol

Yellow: Azo or Hansa

Blue: Anthraquinone or Manganese

Brown: Burnt Umber

Black and White Paint Palette

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