Artist Spotlight: Lionel Sanchez

Lionel Sanchez

Untitled by Lionel Sanchez; Watercolor on 140lb. cold press watercolor paper

In this painting, award-winning watercolorist and LEC instructor Lionel Sanchez depicts a rural scene with an expertly-crafted architectural subject matter. Lionel’s focus on strong composition is evident in this scene as he skillfully draws the viewer’s eye toward the subject matter with bold expressive lines, light, shadow, varying green hues, and unexpected pops of color.

The dark green trees in the background pull the light green house forward. The stark relief between the light green and dark green adds dimension and depth to the scene, but it also ensures the architectural subject remains the focus. Similarly, the drooping telephone lines that converge over the roof of the house likewise pull the viewer’s eyes off center toward the building.

Another point of visual interest is the highly textured foreground. Lionel uses expressive vertical strokes to create a lawn of seemingly wild grass. The loose upward strokes once again draw the viewer’s eye to the architectural subject matter, but it also adds some delightful movement and vibrant energy to an otherwise placid rural scene, inviting the viewer to imagine gusty winds whipping the long grass to-and-fro.

Finally, the various shades of green ebbing and flowing throughout the scene seem to bounce up and reflect in the gloomy gray-green sky, achieving a pleasing aerial perspective that ties the scene together.

Watercolor Techniques with Lionel Sanchez

Dive into the world of watercolor and develop your watercolor skills with award-winning painter Lionel Sanchez! Watercolor Techniques with Lionel Sanchez is great for beginner-to-advanced painters who want to learn new watercolor skills, practice watercolor techniques, explore artistic concepts, and gain confidence with watercolor in a paint-along format. A hybrid option (in-person or Zoom) will be available starting April 10th!

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Lionel Sanchez

At the Life Enrichment Center, Lionel teaches beginner-to-advanced painters how to master the art of watercolor painting, building on the elements and principles of design in a paint-along format with landscapes and architectural subject matters.

Watercolor is Lionel’s primary medium, but he also works with graphite, acrylic, and pen & ink. His subject matter includes rural and urban landscapes, architecture, boats, and various outdoor landscapes. As a part of his artistic process, Lionel will often use abstract forms when sketching the framework of a piece. He prefers to paint “en plein air” with photography (and his imagination) as a studio reference. His goal with his artwork is to spark interest and elicit an emotional response, creating a dialogue between the artist and viewer. Read his full artist bio here.

Lionel holds Signature Member status in the Colorado Watercolor Society, Miami Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, and the Gold Coast Watercolor Society. Since moving to Florida, he has been presented several first places and best-in-show awards for his artwork. His work has been shown in the Vail Valley Invitation Northern Colorado Invitational, Pikes Peak Invitational and Glenwood Springs, winning numerous awards along the way including the People’s Choice at the Littleton Depot Art Gallery. His artwork is housed in numerous corporate, business, and private collections in Denver and throughout the Southwest.

To view more of his beautiful artwork, visit

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