Artfully Aging Project — Contemporary Competition, Exhibition, and Book

A primary goal for the Life Enrichment Center’s Artfully Aging Project is to break the traditional stereotypes of aging by exploring through creative expression. This project will explore a variety of topics related to artfully aging through: literary and art competitions, art exhibitions, and ultimately a published book containing contest winners (both literary and art), words of wisdom, and research.

To begin this journey, take a moment and reflect upon turning 50. What if someone special had presented you with a book on how to live out the second half of your life in the most creative and adventurous ways possible? What images or writings or advice would this book contain? What words of wisdom do you have for someone turning 50? The Artfully Aging Project will capture, through words and art, life-changing experiences dealing with wisdom, comfort, humor, and much more. There are no prompts…use your imagination and creativity!

To learn more and to enter, please download the guidelines and form here.


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