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Announcements: April 29th – May 5th                



Week of April 29th – May 5th              


Did You Know?

What is Diamond Painting? It is a fun and addictive craft where you take little, resin made diamonds and using a fixative or self-adhesive canvas, you create a painting from the stones. The canvas typically has a printed design that you cover with the diamonds. It is an easy to learn hobby that anyone can enjoy.

Kits are readily available through the links below. There are also sites that allow you to send in your own photos and pictures, then they will create a kit based off it and send it back to you. These kits can come in a range of sizes and options, including planter picks, key chains, bags, hats, and more.

Diamond Dot Club is Friday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00pm. This class is free for members and $5 for nonmembers. We offer kits for you to purchase, or you can bring your own.


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https://diamondpaintingpro.com/collections/custom-diamond-painting-kits — This site allows you to submit your own photo to be made into a kit.


  • Diamond Dot Club is on Friday from 10:00 to noon. This club is free for members and only $5 for nonmembers. We have kits to purchase, or you can bring your own.


  • Potluck is May 1st. We have guest speaker, Sheryl Kay, joining us to talk about Book Collecting. She will explain how to find your niche, what to consider, how to determine fair pricing, and more.


  • Crochet Class with Becky Helmink is beginning May 6th. This 6 week class will be on Mondays from 1:00-3:00pm. Yarn will be provided for you. You may bring your own crochet hooks, sizes G, H, I, or you may borrow ours. The signup sheet is on the resource table. Seats are limited.


  • Sometimes, things happen. If you cannot get to the LEC because you are temporarily (or permanently) unable to drive, you might benefit from our Uber card program. We received a grant that awards you a $50.00 Uber card you can use for transportation to and from the LEC. If you are interested, please call Arleen (813-932-0241) to get your application started.


  • The LEC is looking for volunteers. Please let Sheila know if you are interested in volunteering with us. The shifts are 2 hours, either in the morning or afternoons.


  • If you have been missing the weekly newsletter you can go on our website, lectampa.org and scroll down to bottom of the page. There you’ll see a line reading “Subscribe to our Newsletter” and a place to enter your email. Type in your email and hit “Subscribe”. This is the best way to be notified of upcoming classes and events going on at the LEC.


  • Intro to Mah Jongg is starting June 17th with Alice Webb. Classes will be Mondays 1:00pm-3:15pm and will last for 8 weeks. This class is for those wanting to learn how to play. The signup sheet is on the resource table in the activity room or you can email us at [email protected].













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