Vickie Scarlett-Fisher

Creative Clay

Vickie Scarlett-Fisher was born in California and grew up in Texas with her large extended family surrounded by music and art. Her passion for art began young, inspired by her mother and aunt who both taught and encouraged her artistic talents.

Later, living in Colorado, Vickie discovered that the beauty and color of her surroundings fed her creativity, and she worked to hone her skills in composition, rhythm, and color. Presently she lives in Tampa, and her art has again evolved to a Coastal Pop Art style, which is inspired by her backyard critters and lake surroundings.

Her art is intuitive and spontaneous. It is an expression of how she sees life, the beauty that exists around us, and our connection to the universe. The bright, bold, and vivid colors she uses are a reflection of the spirit that is within us all. It is her hope to bring happiness and joy to the lives of those who see her creations.

Vickie has exhibited internationally and continues to manage multiple, successful online venues for her work. Her art has been displayed in Colorado, Texas, and now in Florida. Locally, her art has been on view at the Teco Gallery, the John Germany Library, the Tampa Artist Emporium, and other local venues.

Vickie continues to experiment with different types of media and art as an instructor at the Life Enrichment Center. She currently teaches an Air Dry Clay course that combines sculpting and using discarded trash, recycle, or upcycle. She guides her students through the steps of creation and sculpting.