Tim Gibbons

Oil & Acrylic

Tim received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL.  At a very early age, he became mesmerized by early Mayan and Aztec art, which continues to be a theme in his paintings. Tim’s art is also influenced by science, sci-fi, history, and politics.   His media is pen and ink, acrylic, oil, mixed media, print work, and sculpture. Tim’s work has been shown throughout Texas and Florida and has been exhibited in one-man gallery shows at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, TECO Public Art Gallery, Stageworks Theatre, Inkwood Books, Bamboozle Café, Bamboozle Tea Lounge, Kahwa Expresso at The Element, The Bunker and the Gasparilla Art Show, as well as the Florence Arts Studio in Florence, Oregon.

Tim is the curator of the Pinellas Ale Works Art Gallery in St. Pete, where he continues to promote local artists and art in public places. Tim’s art has been published in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project where it is on permanent display in the Brooklyn, NY Library of the Arts. His art has also been published in the Tampa Bay Artbook.

For the past 45 years Tim has been teaching both children and adults in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Hillsborough County, and the Laguna Gloria Art Museum in Austin, Texas. In Houston, Texas, Tim was the art director of the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

In 2011 Tim was awarded the first  Gladys S. Kashdin  “Above and Beyond” award,  presented for  “always going above and beyond” in helping others in the arts community, as well as Commendation from the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners for his contributions to the arts community in Hillsborough County, which was signed by all the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners.

Tim is passionate about supporting the local arts community and placing art in public places. At the LEC, he teaches Art Open Studio where students can paint in a fun, creative atmosphere and get help with existing projects, or start new ones. Currently he curates the art galleries at several Tampa and St Petersburg brewery galleries. He is always looking for artists interested in exhibiting their art.

Artist Statement:

“Art is a reflection of life built upon a foundation of mystery, amusement, exploration, experience, and most importantly, serendipity.  My drive, as an artist, is to explore and relate on paper, canvas, or in 3-D what I assume existence is, not in any religious or spiritual meaning, but rather, in a more earth-bound and scientific view from the micro- to the macro-cosym of the universe.  The steady pulse of life, with all its changes and complexities, is in harmony within this chaotic illusion.  And, this illusion lives in every line drawn or brush stroke which I put to paper or canvas.

Science and humor go hand and hand in my art. I have strived, and have had some success, at presenting my personal experience in this voyage of earthbound awareness. I continue to attempt to expand my horizons in different medium and hope my images relate to a kindred spirit in humanity.”