Christian Howard

Art, Illustration & Painting

Christian Howard is an emerging artist in the Tampa Bay area. He is best known for working with a wide range of media often layering them together in his works. Some of the media he’s worked with include graphite pencil, color pencil, acrylic, oil, pen and ink, and digital. By artistically fusing traditional and avant-garde styles, he strives to create visual poetry. Reminiscent of a beat poet, his pieces are eclectic, improvisational, minimalistic, yet elegant with an inward-looking spiritual focus. His observational and experimental creative process leaves an open door for artistic metamorphosis.

Christian is mostly self-taught though attended art classes at Hillsborough Community College.  Great strides were made during his time learning at the Life Enrichment Center of the Art where he is now an art instructor. Christian loves to draw. Drawing has a therapeutic and meditative effect on him. He teaches to share his passion for art with the world.