Arleen P. Mariotti, Ph.D.

Creative Writing

Arleen P. Mariotti, Ph.D. is an educator, published author, and artist. Arleen is an instructor at the Life Enrichment Center and the Secretary of the Board. She received her BA and M.Ed. from the University of Florida and her Ph.D. in literacy education from the University of South Florida. Now retired, she serves on the Board of the Life Enrichment Center, volunteer with the Florida Writers Association, leads writing groups, and teaches art classes at area assisted living facilities.

As an artist and educator, Arleen provides important insight and perspective to board discussions and decisions. She is passionate about the arts and the aging community discovering deep fulfillment in their creative potential. As a board member, she hopes to usher in a bright future for the LEC and its members. As an instructor, Arleen teaches memoir writing and other creative writing classes.