A Work in Progress by Sandi Garside and Berries in Blue by Marie Schadt

A Work in Progress
by Sandi Garside

Blueberries and butterflies
Oh, how my heart cries
Just to be silly

For me it’s giggles and loads of gum
For you it may be a big bottle of rum
Just to be silly

And there are those with hearts of maximum size
They make chocolate oatmeal for orphans before sunrise
All designed to be fun and silly

Sometimes being silly is introduced, just to be kind
To help those with trouble to ease their mind

There is so much serious for those who are refined
Doesn’t even a king or queen deserve a cup of tea and some silly time?

There is laugh out loud laughter and muffled lady-like
That if she is to be heard, you must hand her a mike

Don’t send a light laugher to the comedy club
The poor comic will think he’s a complete flub

Send laughers and gigglers to every event and show
But don’t send them to a funeral, that might blow

So we see there is a definite time and place for everything
Don’t giggle at the wrong time and ruin a romantic fling

A light happy spirit will keep you out of the sick room
Giggles and laughs, it’s not time to pick out your tomb














Berries in Blue
by Marie Schadt

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Life Enrichment Center writers and artists have published “Poetic Artistry”… a collection of poetry and art! Check back often as we will post a new poem and its corresponding piece of art every day or so throughout April. Or purchase a copy of the book here!

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